Database Encryption

Reliable protection for your data

All data that is encrypted by the eperi Gateway is useless for attackers because eperi encrypts the data itself – not only the database files.

With eperi, you always stay in control of the encryption keys and you decide who has access to which data. You can be confident that no matter how your sensitive data leaves the company’s barriers, it is reliably secured.

Diagram: Database Encryption

Case Study Preveniomed

Flight Surgeon lifts patient data in the Cloud: The Start-up trusts in the secure and highly available solution of eperi and IBM (PDF, 277 KB)

  • Simple

    The eperi solution allows your IT infrastructure to stay completely unchanged. Even existing table structures do not have to be adapted. Thus, you can preserve the integrity of all third party applications.

    Our solution runs as transparent proxy or uses standard technology like triggers, views and stored procedures. It is configured in less than an hour and operates completely user-independent.

  • Fast

    With more than ten years experience, we offer a very advanced performance optimization. We only encrypt the sensitive data in the database (e.g. personal data). Our intelligent caching learns often requested data and decrypts it before you even have asked for it. Since the indexing techniques provided by our technology enable fast searching on encrypted data, you can do very efficient database calls.

  • Seamless integrated

    With eperi there is no need to change any existing applications, systems, tools or databases. Databases can be simply secured in the existing infrastructure. Even your user directories can be seamlessly integrated.

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