Let’s talk about GDPR: eperi at the Privacy and Data Protection Officers Summit 2017

On May 3rd and 4th 2017, eperi will present its CDP solutions at the Privacy and Data Protection Officers Summit 2017 in London.

The clock is ticking: GDPR will be taking full effect early next year, and still many enterprises are looking for viable Cloud Data Protection solutions to meet the compliance and legal requirements. This year’s Privacy and Data Protection Officers Summit seeks to provide insight into the current data protection market for enterprises and show ways to comply with the GDPR regulations.

On the first day of the event, May 3rd at 14.40, eperi Senior Vice President Ravi Pather will give a presentation about minimising GDPR scope and compliance. He will talk about central GDPR concepts such as Centralisation and Privacy by Design, how to address these principles and removing the need for data breach notifications when working with PII and sensitive PII data. The eperi Gateway helps enterprises overcome central GDPR challenges:

  • It establishes a single point of architectural control to address data compliance and data security
  • It protects data “at Rest”, “in Motion” and “in Use”
  • It allows the enterprise full control of the encryption and key management

For more information on GDPR and the eperi CDP solution, please see our data sheet and whitepaper in our resource library.