Das eperi-Team erwartet Sie auf der CeBIT 2017 an Stand 129 in Halle 9.

eperi Presents Encryption Template for Salesforce at CeBIT 2017

eperi, leading developer of Cloud Data Protection (CDP) solutions, presents its eperi Gateway Salesforce template at this year’s CeBIT. It supports all important Salesforce functionalities and offers enterprises a solution to protect their data against unauthorized access.

Enterprises that want to stay competitive today have to invest in Cloud solutions. But, as the Bitkom “Cloud Monitor 2016” survey pointed out, more than half of them (58 %) fear unauthorized access to their sensitive enterprise data. Many of them are also overwhelmed by progressively stricter data protection laws and new regulations like NIS and GDPR that seem to complicate using the Cloud for business. Only a data encryption solution that enables enterprises to create individual keys and manage their distribution themselves ensures that critical data is encrypted everywhere and at all times. This ensures compliance with cloud regulations. With the eperi Gateway, eperi offers such a solution that makes sensitive information unreadable even in case of data theft. It allows enterprises to be prepared for the strict data protection regulations of the near future and profit from Cloud applications.

Central Criteria of eperi Data Security through Encryption:

  • All data is encrypted at all times and everywhere – even in the Cloud. Only an enterprise security administrator manages which information is protected with which key and distributes the keys.
  • Standard encryption algorithms and a transparent Open Source basis guarantee a mathematically complete and correct encryption. Templates simplify the installation and maintenance, while essential application functions, like sorting or full text search, remain working. All Salesforce interfaces are fully, transparently supported. Even Salesforce WAVE with encrypted data is supported – transparent to the user.
  • Separation of Duties: Only the enterprise security administrator generates the individual cryptographic keys. The data cannot be encrypted by the IT administrator, eperi GmbH or Salesforce because they do not have the key. The IT administrator can, however, manage the encrypted data on an administrative level, e.g. copying, moving, creating backups and initiating mirroring or migrations.
  • Tokenising the information generates a data set that has an equal type to the unencrypted data. This way, a name will still consist of letters and an area code will have the correct amount and type of characters. This ensures that no application workflows are disrupted and only token values are stored in the Cloud. The encrypted original value never leaves the enterprise.
  • The eperi Gateway supports the different data access methods of Salesforce: via Mail, browser, mobile, web services or an API for third party developers. The Gateway encrypts sensitive data within the enterprise network before they are transferred to an external system. This system allows enterprises to transfer only protected data over the internet; all critical information outside the enterprise is encrypted.
  • The Salesforce template supports all important functionalities of the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud as well as WAVE.
  • The solution offers a quick and simple initial data encryption of Salesforce data and mass updates.
  • The eperi Gateway can be installed within a day. Existing IT environments of enterprises of data centers remain unchanged.

The eperi Gateway is the leading CDP solution that encrypts data in Cloud applications, databases and file before it leaves the enterprise. With its great number of templates, the eperi Gateway supports SaaS like Salesforce and Office 365 as well as database software like Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 und Oracle. With the growing number of decentralized Cloud products in all enterprise IT areas, the eperi Gateway presents a flexible and secure data protection solution – and an easy way for enterprises to comply with the strictest of data laws.

“Our CDP solution offers data security for the Cloud through encryption and ensures compliance for applications like Salesforce without affecting essential functionalities”, explains Elmar Eperiesi-Beck, CEO of eperi. “Data protection regulations, like GDPR, are getting stricter. In the next years, this will be a core topic for all enterprises.”